When I was young, my favorite things to do were draw and read. I remember writing and illustrating a book in 2nd grade and proudly sharing it with a Kindergarten class. Now that I’ve “grown up,” books are still in my heart. I’ve added other loves; but the elements of story and storytelling, and the magic of sharing these loves, are at the core.

Michigan is my home: land of amazing great lakes, dunes, beautiful fall days and adventurous winters. I enjoy hiking, biking and camping with my family, as well as playing clarinet, practicing yoga, reading, and… dark chocolate.

After earning a BFA in Illustration, I worked in graphic design, e-newsletters, and children’s storybook multimedia. Currently I work and volunteer at a very diverse public school, helping and observing the rainbow of personalities and abilities. I’m working to pass on the love of books, story, and art.

My artwork is done in different media. I work in acrylic, gouache, and pen. I am inspired by animals (especially quirky, silly ones) and folktales. I’m also inspired by my kids and all children, whose imagination knows no bounds.

SCBWIMember-badgeAs a member of SCBWI, I have met so many gems of established authors and illustrators. The generosity, hilarity, and talent of this group challenges me to work harder. I have attended several workshops, retreats and conferences. I am so thankful for this network, and my awesome critique groups – rock on writers and illustrators!



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